I am sure some or most of us remember the cell phone commercial

“Can U Hear Me Now”

Today I wanted to talk about hearing the Lord’s voice specifically.. I myself have times when I really have to ask myself…is this God?


Are you hearing voices in your head?

What voices are you listening to?





Noises and voices in a busy, fast-paced, loud, world at times




One of the many things I love to do is explore and take in so much of the beauty that is out there.  So as part of my blog, I promised to take you around the world on some adventures. LOL  (well okay maybe not around the world)  Hahaha but share with you some places I have traveled and share some neat places you may like to visit sometime for yourself…..

Recently, we have just gotten back from Branson,Tennessee. For years we have always gone to Pigeon Forge, Tenn. and Gatlinburg and have always heard that Branson was a lot like it. So we decided after many years of talking about it, to try it.

To my amazement it was a lot like Pigeon Forge, TN as far as the shows, and attractions, and restaurants just a little different. Where as Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are all one main strip, Branson, is a series of 3 parallel roads. The red road, the blue, and the yellow. To my eyes, there were mountains as well as rock formations and cliffs in Branson, where Pigeon Forge to me seems a lot more forestry and mountains and waterfalls. We hit it at just the right time also. It was just after school started so the crowds were down, which made it a lot easier to explore being it was our first time there.


Do You Remember Your 1st love?

The Lord brought this to my mind the other day and really had me think on a lot of things…. Now naturally we all think about that question pertaining to our first love, our first kiss, our first heartache, etc.

You would hear the saying of a mother telling her son, that she was the first woman he ever loved,,,, or a father to a newborn girl growing up as seeing her daddy as the first man she ever loved in the world.

So much of our experiences whether good or bad can have such impacts on our lives. It could have been a gentle reminder of how we felt loved or the painful sting of a heartbreak that left us feeling rejected and insecure.


Okay so promised yall  when I try out new products would experiment and try them out for myself and get your thoughts?? Now I am in no way a professional, but a novice at this..

Have been thinking about saving some $$ and doing my own nails..Since I wasn’t blessed with strong or thick nails, but instead so soft and thin can get a string caught in them and would tear them down to the quick… ouch! Have tried many nail hardeners and gelatin, etc. The only thing that actually lasted and loved was acrylic nails. Now I know they are not great for you especially with all the filing down of the nail surface and causing injury can be a result.. So I decided to try out the dip method, which is simply using a resin and then dipping into the powder..So I looked at some you tube videos and decided to give it a try.

Now I remind you I am in no way a professional  and the more practice, probably the better it will look. Since my nails are oily I use 2 kinds of nail dehydrator or bond, so I know it will last. I will leave some pics and names of products I used. I will try out different kinds of brands but honestly I have so much acrylic powder that am going to use that up first, 

So for all you girls who want to try to save some $$$ on sets and fill-ins you may want to look into this method sometime yourself,,





What kind of light bulb are you?

There are all kind of light bulbs out there now from regular to LED to fluorescent, to soft white etc. What kind are you???

I know it’s a weird question to ask… but the Lord put it on my heart as to our witness for Him and are we shining bright for Him in times a dark world? Or are we just blending in and going along with the statis quo , or perhaps our light for Him has been covered up or almost blown out due to burdens, or worries, or whatever may be sapping that joy and making our light for Him grow weaker and weaker?



We are  beacons of light in a dark world



School of Hard Knocks

Have you ever come across someone who is so young physically but seem so mature well beyond their years, or perhaps met someone who is mature in years, but views things as a child?

Everyone has their own personal story… no two are alike. Some have more battle scars or have had more experiences that has forced them to grow up fast or perhaps things in life that may have stunted their growth?




Life is like going to School

Sometimes my hubby and I talk about  life as a series of lessons or like school and not until we “graduate” or are promoted to our Heavenly eternal destination, do we ever stop growing or learning.

There are days that I feel like I have passed a certain test, only to fail on the next one.

Days when I feel in some areas I am still in kindergarten, vs. others I  have learned the hard way and have moved past.

Life is a series of tests, trials, and lessons, we can either learn from and grow or resist and get held back.

You usually hear …..To learn something (usually a life lesson) the hard way. (Some say the best way to really learn is to learn from your mistakes)


While visiting our besties up in Ohio, who also had been there visiting family, I had a real eye opener!. So many times as we go about our day to day life, we get so engrossed in our own world, that it is so nice to have the chance to travel and appreciate the sights and experiences of others.

One thing for sure, was the sense of family and respect and kindness. As far as veterans, I was so blown away by how many people young and old, even teenagers who would come up to our bestie, Roger who had served in Vietnam, and shake his hand and thank him for his service. That really touched my heart how perfect strangers would come out of no where and express their thankfulness.

We  enjoyed the simple pleasures of farms, red barns and rolling hills everywhere. The lush green grass you just wanted to kick your shoes off and go running in or rolling down one of the hills. 

It was a perfect week and the weather was a lot cooler than Georgia and the hot temperatures it has been lately!

We had the chance to go to the Knox County Fair and explore many new places that our friends had taken us to. We had seen so many things and felt like a kid seeing them for the first time.

I will be sharing pics of some of the sights and videos on my social media channels so you can experience them for yourself.

Stay posted and I will be uploading as I get them….

Have a wonderful weekend and talk soon.

In His Love,







There are some days I am reminded about making it count?? It can be our time, to make every minute count as far as being productive and what works best to get tasks done more efficiently. Or perhaps how our actions or decisions we make today can have an affect on our future and how choices we make TODAY can impact our tomorrows.

 What the Lord has really been talking to me lately about is His Work in this life and using every minute listening to His voice. Making every minute count….Such as following His voice whether it be to pray with someone, or witness, or perhaps just a kind gesture or a simple smile. We may never know when an opportunity to share His Love is so much needed and we never know what another person is going through or battling. Maybe just even questioning if someone really cares or even longing just to know that God is real.


How to we hear from God?

The Holy Spirit gives us discernment or wisdom about things that go against His Word, the Bible. If we renew our mind daily and have God’s word tucked in our hearts then we will know the things that are from Him and not from Him. He will never tell you to do something that goes against His Word.  This is helpful in the decisions we make daily. From getting rid of things that are harmful to us ,to simply being available when he wants to use us.  We may hear voices that will distract us from obeying God. But if we know God’s voice, we will not be confused. We all  need to start making baby steps in our daily walk with God. In God’s time, God’s purpose will be revealed to us. Obey God in the small things so we will be ready for the bigger plans He has for us. Do not delay!. Make it count!!